Centret Blast Machines

While investment and running costs are relatively low, the Centret automatic blasters offer considerable savings in labour and energy, require no compressed air and yield excellent cleaning results. Easy maintenance, safe and simple, automatic operation and a low noise level are additional advantages. This makes the Centret machines the recommended solution for a wide range of cleaning processes in automotive workshops, mechanical workshops and industrial production.

Applications include the cleaning of internal threads, the removal of casting burrs, pressing flashes and grinding marks as the last step in production processes and the removal of scale in the manufacture of machinery. Experience has shown that the use of a steel blasting medium yields the best results, yet other blasting media can be used for special applications. A variety of different drums made of a special metal gauze ensures optimum adaptation to the particular purpose of use.

    • Removes

Removes paint oxidation (rust), tiny, burrs, residues from the mill skin due to casting and pressing etc. Internally and externally (also screw threads), without causing any damage.

    • Applications

Engineering works foundries, repair workshops, mechanical repair centers, surface treatment workshops, restores maintenance workshops, garages, spring factories etc.

    • Simple operation

Just open machine and drum. Load (maximum 1/3 of the drum content), close drum and  machine, set time clock and switch on the machine.

    • Blasting time

Required time depends on the nature of the pollution.

    • Blasting  Agents

Agents used in the CENTRET include: Durablast, Steelshot, Graninox

    • Low investment

Due to the blasting principle used, no compressed air (compressor) is needed. The rotor hurls the blasting material at a high speed through the inside of the drum where any parts to be blasted are turned around.

    • Safe

The drum is  protected against  blocking (is loosely positioned on 4 rolls). Motors are protected against overload. Cover is secured during the blasting cycle. The machine can be immediately switched off by pressing the red stop button.

    • Savings

Savings  in labour and energy

    • Silent

The noise level of the machine is below the normal noise level in a workshop.

    • Environment friendly

The closed system with built-in filters is kind to the environment.

    • Drum

Made from tested material.

    • Rotor

Especially constructed and
executed with interchangeable

    • Filters

They separate the dust and leave a clean blasting agent and a clean environment (the dust will be collected in the dust container).

    • Minimum maintenance

Worn parts can simply be replaced.
For example, the rotor can be taken out by removing 4 bolts.

maten centret
WS75 210kg 1.100mm 980mm 550mm 400mm 600mm
WS200 350kg 1.100mm 1.180mm 800mm 600mm 750mm


  WS75 WS200
Max. weight of load 50 kg 75 kg
Rotational speed of drum 2,7 rpm 2,7 rpm
Rotational speed of rotor 3.000 rpm 3.000 rpm
Capacity of extractor 250 Watt 370 Watt
Voltage 380V 3ph-50/60Hz 380V 3ph-50/60Hz
Total capacity 1.500 Watt 5.000 Watt