Lavatronix Industrial Washing Machines

The Lavatronix cleans with powerful jets of water and soap at temperatures ranging between 60ºC and 75ºC. A spraying pattern projected from the corner, above and below, produces optimum cleaning of the components that are placed in a rotating basket. They dry very rapidly subsequent to completion of the washing cycle due to the fact that the components usually have sufficient heat content in relation to mass. The hinged lid and removable basket make cleaning and filling the machine extremely easy. The Lavatronix is manufactured from stainless steel, which means that it will demand very little from you in terms of time and maintenance.
The Lavatronix is fitted with the following safety features: (CE Standard).

  • Main switch, fuses and thermal fusewas
  • Voltage control circuit: 24 Volt
  • Auto-stop function for the basket when the lid is opened
  • Heating and pump control lights
  • The electronics cabinet cannot be opened while the power is connected


Various options are also available: low water level safety feature, automatic water replenishment, basket motor drive, etc. For more information contact STARTER