Tester VC-3.1

New to our range is the VC-3.1 : a sturdy looking handheld tester and analyzer that can stand rough handling. Combining all functions and possibilities of our other handheld testers, the VC-3.1 is unique in its kind. Detailed specifications are outlined below.

– On-car testing
– Operates on conventional testers
– Static testing
– Built-in 19volt lithium ion battery pack
– User-friendly


The VC-3.1 is the first in our range of handheld testers, equipped with a full color screen and a complete new button pad. These major upgrades improve user comfort and the efficiency of testing. The button pad makes it much easier to scroll through the testing modes and during the test, to select the control capabilities (e.g., the voltage).
Protective frame

With metal housing and rubber ends, the VC-3.1 is better protected and can withstand a collision. This makes the tester particularly suitable to be used at production facilities, warranty departments and repair shops.
On-car testing

Disassemble an alternator from the car is often a radical and time consuming job, for which it is not uncommon that other car parts needs to be disassembled too. The VC-3.1 handheld tester makes it possible to test and analyze the alternator when it is still mounted, by connecting it in series circuit between the alternator and ECU.
Conventional test equipment

The VC-3.1 can also be used in combination with a conventional test bench, which upgrade it to a modern test device with more capabilities to meet requirements of testing COM alternators .
Protocol analyzer

The VC-3.1 is not only a test device, but can also identify the 26 regulator protocols and over 200 ID codes within seconds, using API+ technology (Automatic Protocol Identification). Since the VC-3.1 is equipped with its own power supply, analyzing regulators can be done right on the spot.

– Multiple plug set
– Test leads
– Battery charger
– Aluminum case
– Manual