The VC-19 is specially designed to perfectly fit in the conventional Motoplat/Bosch test benches and is equipped with the same features as the VC-07 USB.

The new series VC-19 alternator testers are equipped with a USB connection and come with their own software which can be installed on your own PC or Laptop.

The VC-19 USB can test now a total of 14 protocols, like the New Valeo CG-type alternators, Valeo IST type Start/Stop alternators and even the new “so called” LIN-3 alternators, fitted on Honda and Mercedes S-class.

The Motoplat VC-19 USB tester is an addition to your current test equipment, that allows you to check and test the alternators that are fitted on the latest cars, such as: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Audi.

The VC-19 alternator tester only takes a few seconds to automatically identify the type of regulator used on the alternator that needs to be tested (Lin_1, Lin_2, BSS). There is even the possibility to identify the type of regulator without the alternator itself (+B, 0v socket).

An additional function of the VC-19 alternator tester is a Voltage Meter.