Tester VC-07 USB

The Motoplat VC-07 USB tester is an addition to your current test equipment, that allows you to check and test the alternators that are fitted on the latest cars, such as: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Audi.

The VC-07 USB alternator tester only takes a few seconds to automatically identify the COM type regulator used on the alternator that needs to be tested and now display them in 26 different protocols, together with its ID code. There is even the possibility to identify the type of regulator without the alternator itself.

While the tester is checking the PWM and PD controlled alternators, the monitor will also display information about the DFM signal.

Initial setting of the VC-07 USB voltage is 14.5V, but it can be changed by pressing the buttons ‘15.5V’, ‘13.5V’, ‘12.5V’ or the ‘OFF’ button.
The DFM signal is displayed in percentage (%), which allows you to evaluate the performance during charging at a specific moment.
An additional function of the VC-07 USB alternator tester is a Voltage Meter.

The VC-07 alternator tester is equipped with a USB connection and come with its own software, which can be installed on your PC or Laptop.