Computerized Universal Tester JBT-1


  • Optimized for parts store testing
  • Tests 12 Volt and 24 Volt Starters, Alternators and Batteries*
  • Automatically test alternators & starters by part number or application with graphical indication of faults and expanded display of results table
  • 1 HP fixed speed motor with reversible rotation and fixed load
  • PC Based with Windows XP operating system, with large color touch screen
  • Robust modular construction for ease of service, one module for control and measurement
  • Test modern “smart alternators” that communicate with the vehicle’s computer
  • Built in digital oscilloscope to detect alternator rectifier – diode & stator condition and problems.
  • Comprehensive test of alternator and regulator functions
  • Printed report capability of test results via Standard Windows style printer, reports can be customized via MS Excel
  • Step by step test setup instructions with pictures
  • Computer controlled variable voltage starterpower supply, test solenoid pull-in with aprogrammable voltage
  • Analyze starter components with dynamic load and speed sensor
  • Measures solenoid contact voltage drop, pull-hold in current, checks for contact chatter and pinion engagement
  • Retrievable warranty statistical data
  • Simple and safe operation via cover with interlock circuit
  • Test specification distribution to machines is simple via internet or USB Flash Memory, specifications can be encrypted for added security
  • Software localization available for other languages
  • Bar code reader available
  • Popular plugs and universal harness included
  • Drawer for storage
Output Voltage           0 – 16 Volt
(24V optional)
Memory capacity equal to storage available on the PC  
Alternator Leakage 1 – 100 mAmp Starter Free Run Current 0 – 150 Amp
Solenoid Voltage drop 0 – 5 Volt Solenoid Current 0 – 100 Amp
Automatic Terminal Verification Starter Free Running Speed via Speed Sensor
* Battery test feature is optional